Welcome To Tradex Global

The flagship Tradex Currency Fund was founded in 1998 by Rony Schläpfer, Chairman of The Tradex Group. In 2004, along with partners Michael Beattie and Richard Travia, the firm launched Tradex Global Advisors as a research oriented hedge fund advisory company to manage niche-focused hedge funds and portfolios of hedge funds. Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Tradex Global's managing partners are Jeffrey Trongone, Michael Beattie and Richard Travia.

Tradex focuses on identifying and analyzing, both from an investment and operational perspective, unique hedge fund strategies that either demonstrate quality and sustainable returns or offer unique, asymmetric return opportunities. We tend to find the most value and specialize in the analysis of niche, alpha producing hedge fund strategies. Tradex has extensive hedge fund investment experience, having made more than 500 hedge fund allocations. The team's familiarity with and understanding of many different trading strategies allow them to recognize and differentiate quality, sustainable and alpha-centric hedge fund strategies and traders from their beta-driven counterparts.

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